Nintendo’s Seventh Generation Game Console Wii

Nintendo is the oldest operating game console manufacturer today. They started developing consoles 30 years ago, and up to the time of this writing they are still a top competitor when it comes to gaming. This article will be discussing Wii and will show you different things that will help you decide whether Nintendo Wii is the game console suitable for you or not.

Nintendo Wii is the first ever made console to introduce the motion sensing controllers. This is the tool that serves as the pointer of the players when playing games. It allows the console to accurately track the movements of the user and adapt it to in-game avatar movements instantly. This is also the second product of Nintendo that took the gaming industry to a whole new level.

If you are familiar with the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES, then you know how this console brought gaming to every home. Powered by an 8-bit microprocessor, it allows the players to play their favorite classical adventures like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Donkey Kong at the comfort of their homes.

Nintendo Wii is a very popular gaming product among casual gamers because it offers more than just entertainment. With the motion sensing capabilities, developers were able to create fitness exercises that will help the players to burn unwanted fats and stay healthy even while playing games.

One of the most popular fitness workouts for Wii is called Wii Sports Resort. This is a package that offers different sports-based games. Whether you are a fan of volleyball, bowling, tennis, boxing, or football, Wii Sports Resort has everything for you. The Motion Plus controller will allow you to participate in the activity physically, while helping you generate the feeling of becoming a real sport player.

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How Game Consoles Evolved

Every day is a new day for game consoles and gamers like us. The advancement in games are in a very rapid phase, and the products being release today are fast becoming more advanced, more convenient, more interactive, and more entertaining.

Video games were with us decades ago, but the market is not is massive as it is today. To name two of the pioneers in the world of gaming, we have Atari and Nintendo. If not for these companies who have brought video games to our homes, I think that we will not be able to have Playstation, Xbox, and Wii today. These game consoles are considered as the most advanced and best consoles of all time.

Nintendo revolutionized the gaming world more than 20 years ago when they release a very powerful (back then) 16-bit console. This saved the industry from dying and it instantly became a part of everyone’s lives, together with the release of some of the legendary adventures like Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda.

PlayStation entered the gaming industry almost 10 years ago when we thought that gaming is once again in a dying state. Sony was in the right time and at the right place when they released Sony PlayStation because back then, consoles were using cartridges that are more expensive and more vulnerable to damages, compared to CDs which are relatively cheaper and more durable.

Up to the time of this writing, Sony continues to dominate the industry together with Nintendo and Microsoft. It is very hard to believe that from large boxes; we can already have our very own gaming system in our homes, and are able to play matches using the most advanced accessories like the eye camera peripheral and motion sensing controllers. How I wish to live longer to witness the matches that the next generation will be playing.

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